How can I listen to Radio 2000?

On your radio:
The Frequency Finder along the left edge of this page will display all regions and frequencies for each – Nationwide.
Using your browser – Computer:
The "Listen Live" feature streams Radio 2000 live via any browser on your desktop computer, laptop.

Music submission 

E-mail: playlist@radio2000.co.za or jombana@radio2000.co.za

Information required:


Song Title:




Record Label:

ISRC Code:

Terms and conditions:

Your track will be reviewed and selected based on the following requirements:

  • We are an Adult Contemporary music station - message in the music, lyrics and contemporary.
  • Quality – the recording quality of a high standard (not exceeding 5MB)
  • And length – not longer than 5:00 mins (Radio friendly length)
  • Music supplied to the radio is deemed to have been provided by the rightful owner and that the supplier is legally entitled to do so.
  • All music received by Radio 2000 goes through a selection process. This process is an internal process of the radio station.
  • Music is selected based on the format and style of Radio 2000, as well as the need and requirement of the station.

Once submitted allow 3- 4weeks for playlist consideration after which a response will be mailed to you to advise you on whether we will or will not playlist your submission.

What song is playing?
The bar at the top below the Live Show section of Website should assist you
Ask the DJ:
Please give the DJ as much information about the song as possible. Take note of the time/date/show the song was played. The song title, artist, lyrics or genre will also help.
For a list of DJs and DJ contact details, go to the ‘On Air Personalities’ on the Footer Navigation under Shows.
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How do I listen to the Show should there be live commentary on the FM?

Visit www.radio2000.co.za
Click on “Listen Live” then “Radio 2000xtra” and enjoy your favorite show jam packed with your greatest hits

Who do I contact if I have transmission problems?

Contact us page
Go to our contact us button and call the Programmes Manager.

Which DJ/Show is on air?
Here's the full Radio 2000 line-up: Line-Up


General competition rules: The General Competition Rules are found on the Footer under Comp Rules.
If you've won a competition, please allow 6-8 weeks for the delivery of your prize.
You can direct all competition enquiries to lesedi@radio2000.co.za 

Radio 2000 does not sponsor events. We act as a media partner and promote them for enquiries e-mail info@radio2000.co.za

Are you looking to get your brand exposed to the entire country? Radio 2000 is the only national platform that offers advertisers access to a large geographic footprint of South African adults. Radio 2000 is the preferred station for those with a mature mind-set who are looking to engage in positive and constructive dialogue to build, strengthen and unify the country and its people. Appealing to a diverse audience, the station offers cutting edge adult contemporary content that covers the latest news and issues of national importance, playing a blend of the best in local adult contemporary music from 60’s – 90’s including current hits!  Radio 2000 is the only station that offers the most exhilarating live commentary of the most popular spectator sports. Through Radio 2000’s compelling and relevant content, the station continually strives to create the best memories in radio for its listeners leaving audiences with a warm sense of nostalgia and a feeling of togetherness.
To advertise with us, contact our Sales Manager, Ms Neo Sebiloane on 011 714 7541, e-mail neo@radio2000.co.za or call 078 5885780
Radio 2000, giving you the best bang for your buck! Click for more

Work at Radio 2000

For on-air positions, send your CV and DEMO to info@radio2000.co.za

The SABC and its services are signatories to various Codes of Conduct related to its broadcasts.  If you have a complaint, you can direct it to any of the following bodies:
1.  Details on lodging a complaint about programming content that you believe does not comply with the provisions of the Code of Conduct of the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa can be found at www.bccsa.co.za 
2.  Details on lodging a complaint about advertising that you believe does not comply with the provisions of the Code of Conduct of the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa can be found at www.asasa.org.za 
3.  Details on lodging a complaint about advertising that you believe does not comply with the provisions of the Code of Conduct of the Wireless Application Service Providers Association of South Africa can be found at www.waspa.co.za 

You can send complaints on other SABC matters to:
The Manager
Broadcast Compliance
Private Bag X1
Auckland Park
e-mail: shibambonv@sabc.co.za or  Complaints@sabc.co.za 
Tel 011 714 2244  

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