N'lava Cultural Group and Asanda Empires

Date: Jan 22, 2018

This project has been on the cards for more than a year now. The idea is that, as part of promoting XK languages and the San community, we’ve approached Asanda Empires to collaborate with this community to come up with a song in !Xun and Khwedam.

We have been working with the station management team
and they advise on groups that can co-produce the song or songs from the Platfontein community.  We now have an agreement with Asanda Empires who are
in the Universal stable to form the collaboration.

A young girl is told to focus in life as she grows up into becoming a woman.   She is driven by her talent and wants to make it in life by exploring the opportunities
in the big city.     A young artist from the big city hears about her ambition and reaches out to support her.   Her family accompanies her to the big city and
encourages her to be aware about the destructions of live and stay focused.


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