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Date: Jul 4, 2023

Are you looking to get your brand exposed to the entire country?

Radio 2000 is the only national platform that offers advertisers access to a large geographic footprint of South African adults. Radio 2000 is the preferred station for those with a mature mind-set who are looking to engage in positive and constructive dialogue to build, strengthen and unify the country and its people. Appealing to a diverse audience, the station offers cutting edge adult contemporary content that covers the latest news and issues of national importance, playing a blend of the best in local adult contemporary music from 60’s – 90’s including current hits!  Radio 2000 is the only station that offers the most exhilarating live commentary of the most popular spectator sports. Through Radio 2000’s compelling and relevant content, the station continually strives to create the best memories in radio for its listeners leaving audiences with a warm sense of nostalgia and a feeling of togetherness.

To advertise with us, contact our Sales Manager, Ms Neo Sebiloane on 011 714 7541, e-mail or call 078 5885780

Radio 2000, giving you the best bang for your buck!


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