International Jazz Festival postponed as coronavirus numbers increase

Date: Apr 14, 2020

Organisers of Cape Town’s globally famed International Jazz Festival have announced that 2020 edition scheduled for March 27 has been postponed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

They say it was a necessary decision not to jeopardise the health of festival goers and the dozens of international and local acts.

The organisers have apologised for the late notice of the cancellation, but say it was needed as a public health precautionary measure.

Jazz lovers have been referred to the Jazz Festival’s website for questions and the refund of tickets.

Earlier, organisers of the Jazz Festival said there are no plans to cancel or postpone the event at this stage in light of the spread of the coronavirus.

Management of the Cape Town international Jazz Festival said they’re working with government to find the best way forward for the 2020 event. [Read More]


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