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Reflecting on shared memories through time and the joys which they evoke from deep within our souls 

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12:00 PM - 03:00 PM

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Bambo Johnson

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The Comfort Zone airs every Sunday between 12h00 and 15h00.  The show delivers the best music from RnB, Soul and Afro Soul.  The comfort Zone has features such as the Up-close and Personal, praise and worship, whose song is it anyway, duets Sunday, DJ help me find my music and Duet Sunday. It’s a musical journey that brings the old and new sound in the world of music to the listeners.



  • Mr Dj help me find my music | The feature introduces music and albums that are long forgotten.  These are songs and albums that listeners want to add to their music collection.
  • Praise and worship | the feature has become listeners’ favorite, it’s 20 minutes of gospel songs to inspire, encourage and motivate listeners to keep believing and never give up hope.
  • The showroom – Up Close & Personal | the feature showcase 20 minutes of proudly South African Afro Soul
  • Whose song is it anyway | The presenter picks up a song and goes through the lyrics (words featured on the song), listeners have to identify the title of the song and artist.  It’s fun and interesting radio interaction.   
  • Duet Sunday | It is a musical journey of the best collaborations or duets on the radio


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