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A breakfast show aiming to entertain, but most importantly educate and our features cater for both.

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06:00 AM - 09:00 AM


06:00 AM - 09:00 AM

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Carol Ofori

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Producer: Randy Tsubane 


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Weekend Trends




We look at what’s trending for the day/weekend and why.


06:50- 06:55 (5 minutes)


Jump it or Dump it


We play a clip or a voice note of something daring and give a brief background on the discussion/ topic at hand.

We throw it out to the listeners and ask them if they would jump at the idea, or completely dump it.

They normally provide reasons as to why they agree or disagree on the topic.



07:38 – 07:50 (Roughly 12 minutes)






We share 3 positive African stories in an attempt to create awareness of the positive things taking place in African Countries.

The initial idea is on encouraging progress.



08:06 – 08:20 (14 minutes)

We have a Naked DJ Mix





Candid with Carol




This is the part of the show where we interview men and women making waves in their respective industries and in their daily lives.

The purpose is to acknowledge and appreciate them.




08:25 – 08:55 (30 minutes or so)





Weekend Trends


We look at what’s trending for the day/weekend and why.


06:50- 06:55 (5 minutes)



The Roundtable Discussion





This is a platform where we tackle different

Topics and discuss them in detail. We have experts in studio to unpack whatever discussion we have set for the morning. The topics are often around youth related  issues, creating awareness for various things and educating.



07:10 – 07:50 (Roughly 40 minutes)


Highly Favoured

(Gospel  Segment)



 As listeners are preparing for church, and others are at home either relaxing or doing chores, we share a verse for the day and play out 4 gospel songs in correlation to the verse.


08:05 – 08:20 (15 minutes or so)


My Shero


A platform is given to influential females who are making positive changes in society. The focus here is solely on women who are still establishing their crafts and doing whatever it takes to succeed beyond their challenges. 





08:25 – 08:52 ( more or less 27 minutes)


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