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A high energy music show that plays nostalgic sounds

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06:00 PM - 09:00 PM

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AB Dacosta

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Show Presenter: AB Dacosta

About the show:  The Vintage House broadcasts on Friday 7-10PM and Saturday 6-9PM. The listener is taken on a nostalgic music journey like no other. There's maximum engagement throughout the show making the listener feel one with the experience. This engagement happens with Voice Notes from the listener and social media. The show also goes live on TikTok to connect with the listener using video. A popular feature on the show is "Battle of the decades". Bangers from different decades go against each other and the listener chooses which triple play they want to hear. There are also old school mixes where guest DJs from around the country are invited to showcase their talent. The show also has an hour dedicated to only South African produced music. This hour is called the Mzansi Pride hour. This is the go to weekend night show for a lover of all things old school party sounds.

Show contributor:  Guest DJs from around the country


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