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Romy is a radio and television personality, writer and a philanthropist.

Romy Titus has stared hypnotically at the screen since the age of 8 taking in the words of Riaan Cruywagen delivering the day’s news. Back then she might not have known the happenings in the world, but she sure does now...

15-years-later and her passion for broadcasting has lead her down many roads, into countless studios, interviewing many famous faces from around the world and beaming into millions of homes as she’s joined them for breakfast, lunch and supper. She’s quietly confident, and eases into any broadcasting environment seamlessly, delicately leaving her prints behind as she goes along, like a fish to water they say, but for Romy, this was love at first bite!

Her first broadcast saw her interview world renowned musician Hugh Masekela and Talk Show Host, Felicia Mabuza-Suttle at the age of 19, when she filed her first story during an internship for e-news. As the saying goes, ‘The sky is the limit’ although Romy likes to practice limitless. In just over a decade she’s managed to accomplish what many do in a life time of journalism. She set out to master every beat that current affairs had to offer, from crime, health, business to dabbling in entertainment and sport. The fervent ‘Romy Titus’ soon cemented her credibility in the minds of millions and became a house hold name as well as the country’s youngest news anchor at the age of 20. Testament to her work, she’s swept up the award for best TV News Anchor, in 2008, with the National Broadcaster.

She’s worked for all three South African Broadcast houses, and in 2005 started adding sports reporting to her resume. Five years later she decided to leave her first love, News, and focus strictly on sports journalism. Grabbing the opportunity to master something new, Romy spent a month during South Africa hosting of the FIFA World Cup as a senior radio anchor, and one of the only females to have been given a platform during the tournament. She’s now found pitch side adding finesse to her television interviews with coaches, players and various VIPS of the soccer fraternity for SABC Sport, focussing mainly on the Premier Soccer League and the National First Division, for the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). 

When Romy is not behind the microphone, reporting for radio and television, she’s writing stories for various publications, and when she puts the pen down on goes her philanthropy hat as she pioneers for children’s rights, as the founder of the Organization, ‘Babies Behind Bars’ ensuring that children born in prisons on the continent are given the care they deserve. Romy is also the owner of a media training company where she uses her years in the industry to up skill various companies managers, CEOs and staff on TV and radio and how best to make media your mate!

As if that’s not enough, there’s fun to be had with live television and Romy shows us how as she drops her journalism persona for elegant evening dresses as the host of the country’s National Lottery Show, definitely not for the faint hearted. Romy has also been hired to MC various corporate functions and big events.

She’s fun, quirky, interesting and although she hates admitting, a perfectionist!!!!



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