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Uncle with Ford Cortina

I got involved with campus radio while studying Law at UKZN. The plan was to become a lawyer –talk some good sense into the government to release Nelson Mandela. It seemed like a reasonable thing to do. Someone sabotaged my plan and released him.

Some mavericks from Capital Radio called me, as they thought they could make a decent radio person out of me. After graduating I worked at a bank, I worked on Capital Radio at night.  Thanks to my best friend at the time Bio Plus.

I joined Metro FM against the advice of a friend telling me I couldn’t possibly fit into the SABC.

Stop the train...... I need to get off now!!! I took a break from radio for about 4 years. Dabbled in a few things, thankfully nothing that caused permanent damage.... most notably going to gym, attempts to be found behind a deep philosophical read and thus being occasionally mistaken for a trainee monk.

I joined the iGagasi FM team and enjoyed the challenges and learnings. I absolutely love KZN - sometimes we have a tendency to forget SA is an African country. KZN with all its culture, history and beautiful landscapes, provides us with a loving and gentle reminder of whom and where we are.

Not even the best Limpopo muti could turn me into a decent soccer player but in football we are all experts and we struggle to keep our opinions to ourselves

The nightmare of my life is that every story I read and hear provokes a cartoon, so for me radio is a world seen in pictures, in cartoon form.



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