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Justice Ramohlola

Never underestimate the capacity of too much free time at varsity to cause accidental career paths. I got involved with campus radio while studying Law at UKZN.

The plan was to become a lawyer –talk some good sense into the government to release Nelson Mandela. It seemed like a reasonable thing to do. Someone sabotaged my plan and released him.

Some mavericks from Capital Radio called me, as they thought they could make a decent radio person out of me. After graduating I worked at a bank, I worked on Capital Radio at night.  Thanks to my best friend at the time Bio Plus.

I joined Metro FM against the advice of a friend telling me I couldn’t possibly fit into the SABC.

Stop the train...... I need to get off now!!! I took a break from radio for about 4 years. Dabbled in a few things, thankfully nothing that caused permanent damage.... most notably going to gym, attempts to be found behind a deep philosophical read and thus being occasionally mistaken for a trainee monk.

I joined the iGagasi FM team and enjoyed the challenges and learnings. I absolutely love KZN - sometimes we have a tendency to forget SA is an African country. KZN with all its culture, history and beautiful landscapes, provides us with a loving and gentle reminder of whom and where we are.

Not even the best Limpopo muti could turn me into a decent soccer player but in football we are all experts and we struggle to keep our opinions to ourselves

The nightmare of my life is that every story I read and hear provokes a cartoon, so for me radio is a world seen in pictures, in cartoon form.


Nthateng Lerata

I'm a mother, daughter, sister,an aunt and a business woman born in 1982. I grew up in Phuthaditjhaba, Qwaqwa where I spent my Primary School years at Sentinel Primary School before heading off to Eunice High School in Bloemfontein where I matriculated.

I studied Speech and Hearing Therapy at Wits University. I’m currently studying towards a Diploma in Communications management at Vega.

I’m a founding member and Executive Director of Tsimu Media as well as the Managing member of Qurious Branding and Design Consultancy.

My career in broadcast journalism began in 2005 as a sports Journalist for SABC Sport.

I began my journey as a Radio Presenter in 2000 and have never looked back.

I joined the Radio 2000 family in April 2012 as co-host of The Morning Joy with Just-Ice Ramohlala.

I'm passionate about the development of children into fully balanced human beings who understand who they are, what their strengths and weaknesses are in order for them to be able to make better decisions about their lives. I started a mentorship program for school going children while in Limpopo and hope to

continue and expand it into a nationwide program in the near future.

I had also started an initiative where I donated quality casual shoes to children in orphanages and children's homes. I belive that when u look good you feel good and can take on anything thrown at you with confidence.

I enjoy reading South African novels and biographies. I also love soulful music and a

sucker for romantic movies and true life films.